AC zumba dancers give spectators 'thrilling' show

Something evil was lurking in the dark this Halloween.

Okay, so they weren't actually evil and it wasn't really dark but that didn't stop a few Thriller dancers from shaking their groove thing Monday at Amarillo College.

"Starting last fall, I'd wanted the learn the Thriller for years," said one of AC's Physical Education Fitness Instructors Tricia McGuire. "So, I learned it and then taught it to the Zumba class last year and we came and did this and it seemed to be big hit so we decided to do a repeat."

With a huge crowd cheering them on, the Zumba group did Michael Jackson proud.

"I've always been a Michael Jackson fan and the Thriller dance was always fun and it came out in my day. That's why I'm keeping the mask on so you can't see what I really look like," laughed McGuire, refusing to take off her haunting mask.

"I've always wanted to learn that dance," said AC student and Thriller performer Tamara George. "So, it was really exciting to actually learn the moves and get to do it in front of a crowd."

What better day for a "thrilling" dance than Halloween the one day a year when you can be whoever...or whatever... you want to be.

"It fits perfect", added McQuire.

"Oh yeah, we definitely wanted to do something for Halloween," said George. "It gives everybody that edge off for the day, they kind of get to be somebody that they aren't normally. I tried to get into character. I tried to get as much into the zombie kind of feel. Maybe I took them there", she laughed.

Since it's part of her fitness class, instructor McGuire, alias Michael Jackson impersonator, sa id if it takes dressing up like zombies to get her students moving -- she's in!

"We just worked one week. Two class periods and then part of today's class period. They're fast learners," said McQuire. "I'm more about the fitness thing and having fun so if there's an excuse to do that, I'm all for it."

But all spooks and scares , aside it was just about having fun and getting everyone ready for a " t hriller night " .

"It's not so scaryish," added George. "It's fun."