AC Auctions still bringing in the money

If you love the thrill of an auction and want to help out a local institute of higher

education at the same time, you can do so by bidding online and putting money into the coffers at Amarillo College.

After a couple years, the auctions are still going strong and helping re-cycle and re-sell items they no longer need.

Tucked away in a small building out on the Amarillo College East a treasure trove of stuff. Anything Amarillo College doesn't need or want goes up on the auction block, according to A.C. Accountant, Janie Roach.

"Well, the process starts with Amarillo College, and it no longer needing items and then they come to the auction as disposals. Either they're passed on to other departments or they're sold to the public."

From furniture to electronics, just about anything can hit the auction block and each week new items go up for sale.

"I try to put up a new auction every Thursday, about once a week."

Signing up is easy. Just go to public surplus dot com, fill out an application and you can start bidding.

"All bidding starts at a dollar and you may get it for a dollar, plus taxes and a slight fee that the auction charges. Basically you can get a bargain and it does get competitive and that's what's special about the auction," adds Roach.

Not only do you get the excitement of an online auction...all the money raised goes right back to the it's a win-win. Great deals are offered up, the college recycles and makes some money.

"It's an ongoing process and there's always renovations and remodeling going on at A.C. so it's going to be something that's going to be long lasting."

To start bidding, just go online to, register and you're on you're way.