AC and Share the Road team up for safe driving

Amarillo College and Share the Road Amarillo came together for a screening of a documentary called "From One Second to the Next."

This documentary highlights the dangers of texting and driving through stories of those who have been impacted by distracted drivers.

"There's an emotional side to today's message. It's very personal," said Ken Graham, Share the Road.

In 2011, over 3,000 people were killed in car crashes that involved distracted drivers, according to the CDC. An additional 300,000 were injured.

Texting while driving also makes it 23 times more likely to get into an accident, accodring to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

"It's an extremely dangerous thing to do. It's dangerous for them, but more so for the people who are innocent and not doing anything wrong," said Mark Nair with the traffic commission.

The city's ordinance on banning cell phone use while driving started being enforced in February 2013. But Graham said the ordinance alone won't be enough.

"Not only do we need legislation, in this case, an ordinance. We need also need education and enforcement. So tonight's component is the education," Graham said.

Nair also said people need to understand that being able to multitask while driving is a myth and cannot be done.