Abba House receives head-to-toe makeover in Amarillo


t sits at the corner of
4th Street and Monroe, and it's ready to house up to 10 women and six children.

Abba House celebrated the completion of the shelter's head-to-toe makeover. The Downtown Women's Center is a shelter that serves homeless women who are recovering from substance abuse and addictions.

Cyndi Duke who hopes to complete the program in May 2014 said, "It changed my life completely. I'm not even the same person I was a year ago."

Abba House was closed down for almost a year while Executive Director, Diann Gilmore raised money to complete the renovation.



he move in date kept getting pushed back and pushed back, but we're all willing to wait for it

," Duke said.

A majority of the funding came from the City of Amarillo's Community Development Block Grant, and from a new fridge, to a new stove and microwave, the Abba House seems to be complete.



any of these women and children have never had a place where everything was brand it means a lot to us to be able to provide this for them

," Gilmore said.


here are still a few rooms vacant inside the
Abba House but Gilmore said, they will be filled with women from the Haven shelter.