AACAL students educate public about Snack Pak 4 Kids

Students at Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Center are doing something cool to educate us about hunger. They're partnering with Snack Pak 4 Kids in doing that.

First, the health occupation students at school started a peanut butter and pop-tart drive for the organization. But that turned into their own educational experience. They saw how many of their own peers were going hungry. That inspired them to create a Snack Shack or a food pantry.

The students at AACAL created several public service announcements to help raise awareness about hunger in Amarillo, and take the shame out of it. They go the idea after creating that food pantry. Because after the food drive, all the students asked, "what else can we do"?

"My PSA was about raising awareness about Snack Pak 4 Kids and Snack Pak 4 Kids if you don't know is a program that helps feed kids who don't have access to food on the weekends," said AACAL Junior, Alexander Luette.

These PSA's target their peers. Right now, Snack Pak is looking at ways to help students who are a little bit older.

"What we really need is we've got to figure out how to reach out and touch our teenagers. So we're doing an amazing job with our elementary students and our community has rallied around them. But when you leave 5th grade, you're thrown back into that survival mood and food insecure situation," said Snack Pak Founder, Dyron Howell.

They want to take the shame and embarrassment out of asking for help.

"It can be in your own backyard, it can be your neighbor, your friend. It can even be yourself," said AACAL Junior, Daisy Almanca.

"When you think about hunger you don't exactly think about what it is. You think about a third world country a thousand miles away. When in reality it could be next to you it could be your best friend. It could be a friend that goes out to eat with you thats never hungry," said Luette.

Dyron will pick what he thinks is the best PSA to represent Snack Pak 4 Kids. The students are already asking when they can host another food drive.