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      AAA: Retail gasoline prices jump 5 cents across Texas

      (AP) - Retail gasoline prices this week have jumped by a nickel per gallon across Texas.

      AAA Texas on Thursday reported the average unleaded price at the pump statewide has reached $3.20. The price rose by 8 cents the prior week.

      Gas prices nationally also rose by 5 cents to $3.38 per gallon.

      The association survey found drivers in Beaumont are paying the least amount at $3.13 per gallon while those in Dallas-Fort Worth are paying the most at $3.27.

      Pump prices tend to rise as spring approaches due to seasonal factors that include rising demand, refinery maintenance and the switch to a more expensive summer blend of gasoline.

      The association says Texans are paying about $45 to fill up a typical 14-gallon fuel tank.

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