A woman's injury on Amarillo College campus isn't covered by insurance

A woman fell and broke her ankle after slipping on an icy sidewalk on the Amarillo College campus.

Katherine, a student at Amarillo College, fell on an icy sidewalk last Wednesday while she was walking on campus. She broke her ankle in three places because of the fall.

Robert Austin, the vice president of student affairs at AC said when accidents like this occur, there is a process they follow.

Campus police files an incident report, and that report is then taken to the business office. The business office then files it with the insurance company, the Texas Association of Public Schools Property and Liability Fund.

Katherine said an incident report was filed, and she was contacted by the insurance company.

"I talked to the insurance company and they are not willing to work with me. They said that the college doesn't cover those kinds of things," Katherine said.

Pronews 7 contacted the Texas Association of Public Schools Property and Liability Fund, and they said according to the Texas Tort Claims Act, public school and community college campuses are not held liable in situations such as this one.

Katherine has gone to both Baptist Saint Anthony and Northwest Texas Hospital but has not been able to get further treatment for her ankle. She also said she has not been able to go to class or to work and is unable to pay money upfront.