A wish comes true for a local boy with a life threatening condition

The Amarillo Chiropractic Center raised $7000 for Noah.

Noah is a 4-year-old living with several medial conditions. With the help of Make-A-Wish North Texas and the Amarillo Chiropractic Center, his wish to meet and hug Mickey Mouse is going to come true.

He and his family will be going to Disney World in Orlando for a week.

Noah has a condition called Metopic Craniosynostosis and has also developed a condition called Chiari Malformation. He has been seeing a specialist since he was seven months old, and he has had multiple surgeries.

To grant Noah's wish, the Amarillo Chiropractic Center spent that past year and a half raising $7000 to send Noah and his family to Disney World. They donated money from adjustments, special events, and also received patient donations.

Dr. Jennings Smith with the Amarillo Chiropractic Center said the decision to work with Make-A-Wish was personal.

"We have two boys that were at the time 4 and 6. And we're lucky they're really healthy, no major problems of any kind," Smith said.

Smith and his office said they were most excited when they reached $6,500.

"You didn't really see the finish line coming until all of a sudden, it was right thereâ?¦ we were so close at that point we knew in a another month, we'll have met it," Smith said.

Janella Rogers, Noah's mother, said he is just like any other preschooler. He loves to run and play. But because of his conditions, his body is fragile, and he can't always act his age.

"He doesn't quite understand his limitations. So it's kind of difficult being 'no, Noah. you can't do this' Because he doesn't understand why," Rogers said.

Rogers said the trip to Disney World will be a chance for Noah and his brother to enjoy being kids.

"Just having that time where it doesn't matter. There's no doctors, no therapy, no test. He just gets to be a child," Rogers said.