A tale of 3 Kings

T he tale goes that 3 Kings from the east , or the orient as the song goes, came to the newborn christ child guided by the famous star of Bethlehem.

W ho were the Magi?

T hey remain somewhat of a mystery . T here may have been more than 3 , and they may not have been literal kings. The gospels leave a lot of questions. But the question begs why is their appearance in the story of Christ's birth so significant?

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"M ysterious characters of a priestly class, probably of a magician, dream reader nature, probably also keep a collection of sage sayings from their culture, and event these come and worship the jewish messiah, the baby ," said Dr. Howard Batson, Pastor of Amarillo's First Baptist Church.

W hile it is widely believed that they appeared the night of Christ's birth, it's thought by experts that it would have been a while after his birth before they appeared.

"N ew Testament scholars would suggest that would in fact not be the case, because when you read in Luke chapter 2, the presentation of Christ in the temple, that most scholars think Jesus was two years old, or older when the wise men came," said Tommy Politz, Sr. Pastor Hillside Christian Church.

W hoever these mysterious men from the east really were their part in the story of the birth of Jesus has been talked about for more than 2,000 years and likely will be forever.