A Run Across America

April 15th is a day many will not forget. The day the Boston marathon was under way when terrorist bombings shocked the nation, killing innocent lives and sparking an intense search for the two suspects.

Since then the outpouring of support has been overwhelming.

A group from the United Kingdom decided they wanted to do something to show their support for the Boston Marathon bombing victims and what better way than by running across America.

Kate Treleaven, Danny Bent, and James Hay put together One Run for Boston, the first ever non-stop running relay across U.S.

Organizers, Kate and Danny say that no matter where you are in the world, an event like the Boston bombing packs quite a hard punch and as a runner you just identify with it.

They say, â??We felt quite a little bit helpless and wanted to do something. This idea came from a relay we had organized in Britain, previously and we thought if it worked for Britain, why wouldn't it work across the pond?â??

The run started in Los Angeles Friday, June 7th and will finish in Boston, running the Boston Marathon on Sunday, June 30th.

Sunday the run came through Amarillo where runners passed the baton at Cadillac Ranch to continue the trek.

The runners, coming from all over, create a community supporting one cause.

Runner, Josh Backus says he ran at the Boston Marathon two years ago and that this run means a lot to him.

He says, â??Oh, it's awesome. It means a lot to definitely represent them (Boston Victims and One Run for Boston) and the running community in general.â??

One runner, Shannon Puphal, came all the way from Fort Worth, Texas to participate.

She says, â??It's just an amazing cause. I can't imagine a more worthy cause. As a runner we've all been impacted by the bombings that took place at the Boston Marathon, so itâ??s one of those things thatâ??s close to your heart as a runner and we're just trying to give back.â??

The organizers say that the support is overwhelming and they have already raised more than 53,000 dollars that will go toward Boston Marathon Bombing Victims.

Kate and Danny say that the way the American people and those in Amarillo and Texas have embraced the run and have come out with their families to support it is beyond belief.

Kate says, â??It's exceeded what we could ever have imagined.â??

Danny agrees and says, â??Without the runners it was just the idea, so it's the runners that have actually made this happen. We just had the idea in the first place.â??

Each runner covers a ten mile stage and so far there are more than 1,000 runners involved.

They will cover more than 3,000 miles and pass through 14 states, with a total of 300 stages from start to finish.

To track the progress of One Run for Boston or to donate you can visit