A new view for unemployed photographer

S andi Wheaton had always dreamed of road tripping on Route 66, but never had the time.

But a pink slip from General Motors gave her the chance to see the country in black and white and living color.

" I am driving, blogging and documenting along the entire Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles." said Wheaton

U p until recently , Wheaton was a video producer for General Motors. But once she lost her job she decided to turn her dream into a business venture.

S he's taking a ton of still pictures but this trip will also be documented with time lapse photography.

"I am also doing time lapse photographer with this camera that is up here on my dashboard. At the end it'll have the entire road trip." said Wheaton.

B ack in the hey-day of Route 66, taking pictures was enough for most families to remember their ride of a lifetime.

B ut these days you also have to blog, blog, blog.

"I 'm also blogging about this experience every night and posting the entries at ."

Wheaton's trip has already been better than expected.

A nd it's more about the people than the historic road less traveled than it used to be.

"S pecifically the people have been great in Oklahoma, but also in Illinois, Kansas and even Texas. The weather has been tough on the pictures but so be it."

A little bad weather is not nearly enough to stop a unemployed woman on a mission.

S he can already see the future which hopefully includes a new gig.

"W ell best case scenario somebody will see my work and pictures and hire me as a writer and photography. If no I'll turn all of this into a book and hopefully get published. Either way it's been a great trip, a ride of a lifetime. It's been really great."