A Greater Yes

Amy Newhouse was a brave young girl from Pampa who fought and lost a courageous battle against cancer.

Now, there is a movie about her story. After becoming one of Pampa high's most popular students, and taking her volleyball team to state, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The movie called ''A Greater Yes'' details how the community of Pampa helped Amy battle until the very end.

The filmmaker Bradley Dorsey knew about amy, and felt moved by a higher power to make this powerful film.

Bradley Dorsey the Producer said, "I went to her funeral in Pampa and there were literally thousands of people at her funeral. It was a celebration. It wasn't something sad. I knew something had to be different for that many people to be there."

The national DVD release was today and if you'd like to learn how to buy a copy.

You can purchase one at Christian bookstores through or get it online at