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      A family's fight to recover stolen dog

      6-year-old Anberlin O'Dell got her dog Hershey four years ago.

      Her parents said he is the first dog that did not scare her and he was their first family pet.

      T hree weeks ago Anberlin thought she might not ever get Hershey back.

      " H ow do you put it nicely? That's the hard part," said Bart O'Dell, Anberlin's dad. "Basically our neighbor next door kidnapped our dog."

      A s many dogs would have done, Hershey dug under the O'Dells' fence and into Kristy White's back yard. Her lab was in heat.

      " W e had to call the cops to get him back the first time , " said O'Dell. "The second time she took him and didn't answer the door for the cops and wouldn't give him back. a few days later we found out that she let him loose in town."

      T he police where called again and the O'Dells discovered that White had been arrested.

      " O n the 26th (of March) we were dispatched to a structure fire, when we arrived we had witnesses stating that Ms. White was seen starting a fire in the garage of her dad's house," said Deputy Fire Marshal John Woodward.

      W oodward says they have dealt with her before and that she had been arrested for other fires in the past.

      B ack to Hershey's story -- A second family found him and posted an ad on Craigslist and three days later, they took it down.

      T hey had fallen in love with the dog, and once again, the police had to get involved.

      " D etectives called and talked to the individual ," said Cpl. Jerry Neufeld with the Amarillo Police Department. "T hey were a little bit combative, a little verbally like, 'what? I don't know what you're talking about'."

      O nce the police arrived, the family did surrender Hershey to them, and he was taken back to the O'Dell's.

      A nberlin was able to get a big surprise when she walked through their front door.

      " W hen she walked in the door and she saw Hershey she pretty much went nuts and started crying," said O'Dell.

      T he moral of this story -- yes, dogs really are a man's -- and a girl's -- best friend.