A clear solution to dry eye

Strong winds, and dry air are typical panhandle weather conditions, that typically irritate folks with dry eye disease.

Dr. John Todd Cornett with Premier Vision in Amarillo says that because it's a chronic and progressive disease if not treated early could seriously hinder quality of life.

Signs you may have dry eye? Gritty feeling, fatique especially towards the end of the day, red eye and on occasion over watering of the eye.

If that sounds all too familiar and you have 12 free minutes a new procedure called Lipiflow might be your cure. Lipiflow is a 12 minute non invasive process that basically gently heats and warms the eye lid and then expresses an oil blockage and gives a patient long lasting relief.

The severity of your disease depends on how many treatments you'll need and recovery time? There is none! There is some maintenance involved, mostly warm water compressions.

For more on the treatment and the cost visit the link below.