A change in times: Cell phones allowed in classrooms

Schools everywhere continue to look for ways to integrate technology into their classrooms.

It's another way to get students ready for today's workforce.

One local school now has a program dedicated to doing that.

For the first time,

Randall High School

has the "Bring Your Own Technology to School" program.

It encourages students to use things they use at home to learn in school.

Pronews 7 is featuring it, in this week's

Region 16

Spotlight Education report.

"Bring your own technology was a program that was piloted to get the kids to bring in all kinds of electric devices to help with engagement and lessons during class time," said Brandi Sanderson, Randall High School Teacher.

It kicked off this year, and so far, it's been a huge success. Something both students and teachers can agree on, it's helping the teens get ready for college.

"Now a days technology is a lot more important and whenever we get out in the real world and jobs and everything, like that we have to know how to use technology and so using it in the classroom and learning how to learn and stuff with it is really helpful



said Eli Hale, Randall High School Student.

"The bottom line is every single job that they're going to be exposed to is going to have some sort of technology and they need to be versatile in technology and they need to be able to work many devices. They need to be able to work many programs and this is just a great way to get them exposed



said Sanderson.

From smartphones, iPads, laptops to notebooks, students are excited that they're getting to bring their devices from home and use them in their classroom.

"Technology has helped me in anatomy because you can do flash cards, studied with it, you can look up things really fast on your own you can do labs on it and research



said Maisie Johnson, Randall High School Student.

Technology is evolving quickly everyday. Sanderson says, with the results she's seen in the program so far, Randall High School will definitely keep it around for years to come.