9/11 Remembrance at Amarillo City Hall

The 10-year anniversary of the infamous Sept. 11 attacks rallied Americans all over the country Sunday morning.

Citizens of Amarillo gathered at City Hall for a ceremony honoring the fallen. Firefighters, police officers, military and other first responders presented their flags and saluted their brethren.

Sgt. Jeff Hooten of the Amarillo Police Department said today's ceremony served as a reminder that Americans unite to help one another in times of need.

"They can attack us physically, but they cannot attack us in our spirit," he said. "We're going to hold strong in the beliefs that we know and this country will survive. And they will continue to attack us. We will continue to respond with the American spirit. That cannot go away."

Texas State Representative John Smithee also spoke at the ceremony.

"We're all Americans and we're all dependent on each other," he said.

Video brought back to life the sounds of the attack, and tears were seen in the eyes of both spectators and first responders. A flyover added chills and the traditional Taps on the bagpipes brought a sense of sadness.

Despite the emotion and the unanswered questions from 10 years ago, there was a small light at the end of the tunnel. Americans, both young and old, regardless of race, class and beliefs, came together to remember the most infamous day in American history since the Pearl Harbor bombings in 1941. The dead were remembered and the living were thanked.

City of Amarillo Fire Chief Steve Ross said the memories of the deceased live on to this day.

"They've carved a big section of our heart out and every day when we respond now, we remember them. We try to bring honor to what they did in their service and the example that they set."