8-year-old Amarillo girl hopes to win national contest

For most kids a trip to the hospital is no fun, but at BSA officials say they work hard to keep their kids as positive as possible.

For eight year old Jasmine Diaz, her stay at the hospital could make her a national winner.

"This is the first year that CMN has partnered with White Cloud, they just though it would be a great idea for the kids to do while they're in the hospital," said Jodi Reid CMN Program Director "It takes their minds off being in the hospital and also benefits White Cloud by having artwork in their Kleenex boxes."

White Cloud and the Childrenâ??s Miracle Network are in the final stages of their tissue box design contest.

Children from the ages of four to 14 from 168 hospitals across the nation put their creativity to work to be the next design featured on White Cloud tissue boxes nationwide.

"It's pretty important, it gives the children encouragement in knowing that people do care about them," said Elizabeth Palermo BSA Child Life Specialist. "And they're not forgotten while they're in the hospital and it makes them feel good about themselves."

Pictures were drawn by children all across the US. So what did Jasmine decide to draw?

"A giraffe, a dog, a cat an elephant, and a snake," said Jasmine Diaz Top 10 Contestant.

She can't win alone; she needs your help, and your vote.

"Please vote for my picture and help me win!" said Jasmine.

By helping jasmine win, you could also be helping the hundreds of other kids still at BSA.

If Jasmine is chosen as a winner, not only will her picture be featured on tissue boxes nationwide, the local CMN office will receive 15,000 dollars.

Prizes are also available for you, if you vote!

To help Jasmine win, and for more information, click here.