8 dead, 108 unaccounted for two days after Washington mudslide

CNN -- At least 108 people are unaccounted for or missing after a one-square mile mudslide struck in rural Washington State Saturday morning.

â??We are still in rescue mode at this time," said Fire Chief Travis Hots. "However, I want to let everyone know that the situation is very grim. We are still holding out hope that we are going to be able to find people that may still be alive but keep in mind, we have not found anybody alive on this pile since Saturday."

Officials in Snohomish County are warning that the number missing could fluctuate and that the projected 108 is a soft number at this point. The massive slide engulfed RVâ??s and a mile of rural road, while some of the victims were simply driving when the hillside collapsed. However, some of the homes that were destroyed could have been vacant at the time of the slide, making it difficult to determine the exact number of missing people.

County officials say that because the slide occurred on the weekend with little to no warning, a higher number of victims is probable.

Rescue and continue efforts are continuing in full swing but crews are battling uneven ground, rising waters, and very possible up-stream flooding.