67th Annual Boys Ranch Rodeo underway

The Boys Ranch Rodeo has been a Labor Day weekend activity for years, and on Saturday the event added a 67th year to its belt.

Adventurefest kept spectators entertained until the rodeo with food, face-painting and games. Corporate sponsors of the rodeo set up booths to add to the fun and to offer prizes.

Funnymen dressed in crazy hats and bright colors to entertain the crowd (and themselves, as well) and to put their own smooth talking skills to the test.

Boys Ranch Chief Development Officer Triena Winbery said the rodeo brings the entire community of Boys Ranch together and gives the kids a chance for fun, as well as some learning and leadership.

"The kids all perform and, of course, they practice and they practice," Winbery said. "Everybody on campus here gets involved with the rodeo and participates in some way. And if they're not actually riding in one of the events, they're helping out."

The rodeo continues through Sunday. Admission is 10 dollars.