$5,000 grants go to Amarillo ISD schools

The new school year is about to kick off, and for a few selected Amarillo Independent Schools, they'll have new library books to introduce.

Three campuses received a grant from the Laura Bush Foundation for America's Libraries.

Those campuses are Bowie Middle School, Sam Houston Middle School, and Eastridge Elementary. All schools received a $5,000 grant each.

Now, we can all imagine what we would do with an extra $5,000 in our pocket. For Bowie Middle School's library, it means buying 250 new books.

"We need to build a dynamic collection, our kids need things that they're interested in and if we didn't build a dynamic collection then the kids are not wanting some dusty, smelly books to read," said Amy Pairis, Librarian.

Here's the neat part, the students picked a majority of the new books that will be placed on these shelves very soon.

"We'll build our collection in Science and History for research, we're getting Sports books. We'll also be able to build our collection with some graphic novels, which the kids are really excited about, those are like comic books," said Pairis.

For the AISD campuses to receive the grant, they applied in December by proving the need for the books, competing against 250 other campuses across the nation.

"To read is to empower, you can take adventures, you can do all sorts of explorations that you would not be able to do without even leaving your room."

Unfortunately, the books Pairis has ordered haven't arrived just yet. But, they'll be on the shelves starting next month.