4th graders raise money for Moore residents


tudents at
Lamar Elementary School in Amarillo are showing the residents of Moore, Oklahoma what it means to be "Little Kids with Big Hearts".


4th graders there collected donations for families affected by the tornadoes that hit Moore on May 20. After a lesson in citizenship, the students decided to do something as Amarillo citizens to help.

"I asked the question, what are our rights and responsibilities here now that we've had such a tragedy happen so close to us?" said 4th grade teacher Dede Munkres. "The kids just sparked this conversation to do something to help, and though maybe they could raise some money for them."

Students started with a $600 goal, but with the help of flyers, morning announcements, and money jars, they raised a grand total of $770.40. They also wrote letters of encouragement to the families, expressing encouragement and support.

"Our goal was $600 and we went up almost around $1,000, it was crazy," said 4th grader Zoe Stovall. "We didn't expect it to get this high."

The 4th graders chose to partner with Hillside Christian Church. They said they wanted to donate their money to an organization that was working directly with families affected by the devastating tornadoes in Moore.