4 men arrested for using social networks to contact 15-year-old girl for sex

Richard Moore Schaublin III

Four men are now behind bars after they used social media to contact the profile of a 15-year-old girl to arrange for sexual encounters, police said.

All four men are charged with soliciting a child after police said they each independently contacted a profile that represented a 15-year-old girl from Clovis. The social network profile was monitored by Curry County Sheriff's Office investigators.

Richard Moore Schaublin III of New River, Ariz., 25, was arrested on Oct. 6 after police said he contacted the profile and had sexually graphic conversations with the girl. Schaublin arranged to meet her for a sexual encounter at her parent's residence while they were away, police said. When he arrived at the house, a decoy, he was taken into custody.

Jacob Mendoza, 23, of Muleshoe, was taken into custody on Oct. 7 after he arranged to meet the 15-year-old girl also at her parent's residence while they were away. Police said their conversations were also sexually graphic. Mendoza, according to the Sheriff's Office, traveled from Muleshoe and arrived at the decoy house.

Thomas Orrin Skyler Morgan, 25 , of Portales, arranged to meet the girl in a retail business parking lot after having sexually graphic conversations with her, police said. He was taken into custody upon his arrival, Oct. 8.

Trung Ho, 35, was arrested on Oct. 10. Police said he arranged to meet the 15-year-old girl at her parent's residence when they were away to engage in sexual encounters. His conversations with the girl online also became sexually graphic. He was arrested at the decoy house.

All four suspects were charged with Child Solicitation by Electronic Device, a third degree felony. In addition, Ho was also charged with Concealing Identity.

They were all booked into the Curry County Detention Center.