4 arrested after Amarillo nightclub riot

Brown, Thomas

Four men were arrested early Friday morning after officers said the crowd at an Amarillo nightclub become disruptive.

Tasers had to be used to break up the crowd, police said.

Just before 2 a.m, police were flagged down by a witness near Pink's Night Club that said five men were overheard talking about being involved in a shooting. Officers said they located the group in a nearby parking lot. As officers approached the men they then took off running, police said.

The men were soon located at Tatum's Night Club in the 800 block of South Polk.

Police escorted 21-year-old Brashaud Keon Evans outside to speak with him. When they were outside police said 21-year-old Aaron Dathan Davis grabbed Evans arm and tried to get him away from the officers.

Davis was then taken into custody, police said.

Officers said that as they were explaining their actions, Davis and other bar patrons started yelling at them.

Bryson Shamael Evans, 22, started yelling and enticing others to join the crowd, police said. He was placed under arrest for inciting a riot.

Police said while arresting Evans, 20-year-old Thomas Edward Brown, Jr., stepped up and shoved an officer in the chest. He was trying to prevent the officer from arresting Evans, police said.

Brown was then taken into custody. As he was being handcuffed, police said Davis then became irate and jumped on the back of an officer and began punching the officer in the head with his fist.

Police said they were then surrounded by several of the bar patrons. Those patrons were then threatening officers and closing their distance, police said.

Officers at the scene activated their emergency buttons to call for backup. Police said they needed assistance from the crowd that got "out of hand."

Tasers were used to to get the crowd to comply, police said. The tasers were not deployed.

Brashaud Keon Evans was arrested for a city traffic warrant and Participating in a Riot; Aaron Davis was arrested for Assault on a Public Servant, Interference with a Public Duties, and Participating in a Riot; Thomas Brown was arrested for Interference with Public Duties and Participating in a Riot; and Bryson Evans was arrested for Interference with Public Duties and Possession of Marijuana less than 2 ounces.