37th Las Fiestas de Amarillo

The Our Lady of Gudalupe Church hosts it's 37th Las Fiestas de Amarillo celebration.

Las Fiestas de Amarillo brings out a crowd for the parade, making for an exciting start to festivities. However, there's more to the event.

"Back in 1980, they decided you know, man we've got to get some fund raisers together, organizing going through here, to generate more," Tony Escoto, co-chairman of the event, said. "Our congregation at about that time was approximately 300 but we needed to go to another level," he said.

In its 37th year of celebrating, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church says they still need community support.

"Las fiestas de Amarillo have been organized just to help out Our Lady of Guadalupe just to take care of expenses, our billing, new funding we have," Escoto said.

Members of Our Lady of Guadalupe say that after building an activity center, the church still owes over $200,000. That's why groups and community involvement in Las Fiestas is so important to them.

"All the money that they contribute goes to our church," Escoto said.

Believe it or not, food and entertainment from Las Fiestas brings in the most money for the church.

ABC 7, spoke to cooks of Las Fiestas in Spanish. All direct quotes are translated from Spanish to English.

"It's a 'gordita tejana,' that we prepare with corn, your beans underneath," Cook Jesus Soto, said describing a popular food at Las Fiestas.

Soto and other cooks say authentic Mexican food made from scratch is what keeps people coming back.

"It's one of the best traditions we've had during various years here, the 'gordita tejana,' Soto said. "It's sold a lot, so because of that, come, help us, support us and buy it."

Las Fiestas de Amarillo will have its second and final day of its festivities tomorrow starting at noon.

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