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      3 Canyon police officers receive 'Life Saving Awards'

      According to Canyon Chief of Police Dale Davis, i t's a 911 call not many officers get dispatched to in Canyon. Luckily for one city resident, Officer Anthony Gonzales was nearby.

      " T he wife took me to her husband that was l y ing on the floor, he was uncon s cious, not breathing, he had n 't been breathing for about five minutes ," Gonzales said.

      I n October, Gonzales was dispatched to the residence of a victim suffering from a massive heart attack. He was the first to arrive on the scene.

      " I began doing CPR on the subject," he said. "I continued to do CPR while the paramedic got his equipment ready. Once he got his equipment ready, I continued to do what I was supposed to do and we got a pulse."

      Davis said it makes him proud to know the caliber of employment he has in his officers, but it all comes down to rigorous training.

      " C anyon is notorious for a lot of training ." Davis said. "W e train train train and a lot of the times we lose them to other agencies because of the training."

      A long with Gonzales, two other officers, Brian Jones and Michael Parker also received the Life Saving Award for a separate incident. Gonzales said the officers in Canyon don't expect recognition for their actions, they just feel comfort in knowing the ones they save are alive and with their families

      "I t's good for the community. We're not out here to be bad people. A lot of people just think we're bad people, we're here for them." Gonzales said. "Like I said, to save a life is the best thing."