$250 check to some seniors for Medicare gap

T here may be some federal financial relief for senior citizens who will see a financial gap in their medicare prescription drug coverage.

M any find there's a coverage gap in their deductibles between the 28 and 65 hundred dollar marks, where they pay all out of pocket expenses.

S tarting this week, $250 checks will be going out to 4-million senior citizens, along with new drug discounts starting next year.

S enior citizens were talking about it over games of pool at the Senior Citizens Association in downtown Amarillo Tuesday afternoon.

The people we talked with, like Larry Harbin, don't think the checks will do that much to help their bottom line.

"T axes have to go up to pay for some of this...nobody wants to have to pay more taxes, but taxes have to go up in order to take care of it...because nobody is going to up and give money wihout being a tax."

A bout the program, Congressmen Mac Thornberry said, "The administration cannot hide the $500 billion in medicaid cuts in the health care bill with a few $250 dollar checks. The health care bill grows more unpopular every day and should be repealed and replaced with common sense reforms."