21st century seniors demand new needs

A group of members play dominos at the Amarillo Senior Citizen Center


he Amarillo Senior Center Association currently finds itself facing financial hardships along with declining senior involvement.



here needs to be some changes, these models aren't working so we have to kind of revamp it," said Interim Executive Director, Jennifer Jones.




local senior groups rely on grants to operate but over time this has been running dry.

"We all know the federal dollars and state dollars for grants are tightening," said Director of Area Agency of Aging, Melissa Carter.


his is where the group
Blueprint comes into play. Newly formed, it's a combination of community groups and organizations looking to reinvent amarillo senior programs for the near future. In doing so they are holding an open house on September 16 for the Amarillo community to voice their ideas

"The current centers will be able to take that information and figure out a way to make current centers great and become more innovative and attractive," said Director of Area Agency of Aging, Melissa Carter.


ight now they are in the planning stages of this whole project.
But even after receiving all the community input the group doesn't plan to make final decisions or any changes until later this year.