2013 Pantex High School Science Bowl

Saturday Pantex hosted their annual High School Science Bowl at West Texas A&M University.

Around 150 students and 19 teams from school across the panhandle and high plains competed for the regional title.

Students say it's more than a competition. The Pantex High School Science Bowl is a thought process.

It applies working knowledge rather than just book knowledge, and the competition between the 19 schools was fierce.

"We have students here form as far away as Lubbock, and some of them are even part of a regional math and science high school," said Debra Halliday. "So they really so provide stiff competition."

Halliday said because students continue to share their hunger for knowledge and competition, the bowl gets bigger every year.

"It's just amazing to us how smart there kids are! We're just so thankful that they're here, and we're so glad they can earn this recognition that they so well deserve," said Halliday.

Pronews 7 sat down with the science team from Tascosa High to talk about just how intense the competition gets.

"There are some kids, the judge will of just finished giving us this really extensive math problem, we just finished writing it down and the team will have buzzed and answered," said Giana King Tascosa Team Member. "and we're like what just happened?"

What exactly is it that makes a good competitor and team?

"A good team should have a person specialized in different areas, because if you have everybody trying to learn everything you won't have strong points," said Jeanette Camarena Tascosa Team Member.

Jude Navarro Tascosa Team Member said, "If you have a good team, you won't get any pressure from them and that's what should be a good team is."

Though those two characteristics are key, self-confidence is just as important.

"Many people can believe in you, but it won't matter unless you believe in yourself," said Camarena.

The winners of the 2013 Pantex High School Bowl are:

First place: Amarillo High School Black Team

Second place: Canyon High School White Team

Third Place: Randall High School Black Team