2 arrests made in Sunday night's high speed chase

Madison Haney, arrested

UPDATE 3:40: Around 8:45 Monday morning, a woman on Abby Road called authorities saying that two people, a man and woman were attempting to break into her house. The suspects took off when they realized the home was occupied.

Another call was made reporting that the suspects were attempting to break into another home this time on Lisa Lane. Deputies in the area spotted the two suspects. The woman was immediately taken into custody, while the man fled on foot but was quickly caught by deputies.

Authorities believe the man and woman were the same people who sent them on a high-speed chase Sunday night.

The man, is identified as Dale Aaron Dallas, 27, he had five outstanding municipal warrants out of Amarillo. His has also now been charged with, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, unlawfully carrying a weapon, criminal trespass of a habitation, criminal trespass with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief over $50/under $500, and evading arrest.

The woman, Madison Lee Haney, 18, also had an outstanding warrant out of Amarillo. She has also been charged with, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, criminal trespass of a habitation, criminal trespass with a deadly weapon, criminal mischief over $50/under $500. She was also charged with prohibited substance in a correctional facility, after employees at the Randall County Jail found a white powdery substance during a cavity search.

Sunday night around 9:15, Randall County deputies engaged in a high-speed chase with a white GMC pickup. Deputies were called to Eskimo Hut at I-27 and McCormick road, on a report that suspects who were involved in a home burglary in Amarillo were at the store. Deputies saw the pickup when they arrived, but those in the pickup took off.

The deputy pursued the vehicle for a short distance until it became too dangerous to continue.

About 30 minutes later, a DPS trooper spotted the pickup at Rockwell Road and Greg Street, and again a chase followed. When the suspects drove through fences on private property on JJ Street, the trooper lost sight of the pickup.

A few minutes after the second pursuit, deputies found the GMC pickup abandoned behind some trees at a home in the 16000 block of Abby Road.

The pickup was found to be stolen out of Hereford from a home burglary on Saturday.

Randall County Deputies, DPS Troopers and the DPS helicopter searched the area but were unable to find the suspects.

UPDATE Monday, January 3, 9:50: Danny Alexander with the Randall County Sheriff's office said they have two people in custody,as of right now, they are calling them persons of interest in a high speed chase that happened Sunday.

Alexander said a man and woman were trying to get into a home Monday morning, when officers arrested them in the 16000 block of Abby, in Randall County. Authorities believe the two crashed in a camper in the area.

During a home burglary on Sunday, a truck was stolen from Hereford. Authorities initially thought there were three people in the truck, so they are continuing to investigate to determine if there was another person involved.

Here is a link to radio traffic during Sunday's two high speed chases, courtesy of Webbfeat Productions. At one point, you can hear authorities say they "lost them" as the suspects sent DPS and the Randall County Sheriff's office on a chase through fields and yards.

Previously Posted:

The Department of Public Safety and the Randall County Sheriff's Department are searching for three suspects who burglarized an Amarillo home, stole a truck in Hereford, and sent both departments on a high speed chase.

Preliminary information shows a Primer Gr a y Ford Truck was stolen from Hereford by three suspects around 5 p.m. The suspects then drove to Amarillo and DPS tells our crew on scene that they tried to burglarize a home in Amarillo. The man whose home they tried to burglarize noticed the stolen truck from Hereford , and he saw it later at the Eskimo Hut off McCormick and I-27.

The man then called the Sheriff's department, which showed up at the Eskimo Hut. That's when the suspects took off in the truck and a chase ensued. The suspects headed toward Rockwell and Greg; however, the suspects started going through yards and fences, so DPS and Randall County called off the chase because it was too dangerous.

About 20 minutes later, DPS found the truck driving around, and another chase ensued. This chase was also called off because the suspects were going though fields and not staying on the roads.

Later, DPS found the truck hidden behind some trees. They called in the DPS helicopter to find the suspects, who they say were now on foot.

Officers are looking in the area of Grimes Circle near abandoned mobile homes and Lakeview Elementary. At the time of publishing, DPS and Randall County Sheriff 's department have not caught the suspects.