2 arrested for aggravated robbery

Tuesday April 16, 2013 Amarillo Police officers responded to the 3500 block of north east 24th on a robbery call.

Employees working at the time of the robbery told police that they saw a woman put two cans of baby formula in her purse and leave the store. Employees stopped the woman who offered to give the cans back but refused to go back in the store and wait for police.

The woman and an employee began to wrestle when a man in gray suburban drove up and struck one of the employees in the back. The man then got out of his vehicle and threatened the employees to leave the woman alone. The man and woman then got into the vehicle and drove away.

According to police the injured employee was treated for minor injuries and remained at work.

Employees got the tag number of the vehicle and gave it to officers when they arrived at the scene. Officers located the vehicle at a nearby house in the 1300 block of Carolyn.

24-year-old Maura Duran and 30-year-old Daniel Ramos were arrested and taken to the Pottery County Jail where they were charged with aggravated battery.