2-1-1 Texas still in need of heaters

After the recent blast of winter weather, most of us are cranking up the heater. Unfortunately, some people in our area don't have th e luxury of just turning on the heater when their home gets cold.

But there is a way you can help -- by donating to the 2-1-1 Texas' Heater Drive.

"There's a great need due to just the severe weather we've seen recently, the severe temperatures, the snow," said Director for 2-1-1 Texas, Melanie Smoot. "There's some people , they're just scraping by and I think that a heater is just something extra that they don't have to worry about, an extra expense that maybe help s them get through a month."

Large heater or small heater -- Smoot says it doesn't matter, they just need all the heaters they can get.

"We prefer i f we receive new heaters just to avoid the risk of any fire danger in the home so we ask that they're new heaters but they can be any size," she said. "I know that anyone that would receive one would be happy to get whatever size they received."

Even though the drive has been going on since October, the need is still there and right now, it's far from being met.

"I think we have had about 70 requests," said Smoot. "So far, I think we've only been able to give out about 15 heaters."

Those who are disabled, 65 years or older, or have a child that's two years or younger are eligible for the program to receive a heater. By donating a heater you won't just be warming the homes of those in need , you'll also be warming their hearts.

"Something extra they can do at the holidays to appreciate others and to show kindness and love to others in a very easy way."

If you would like to help keep someone warm this winter, you can donate a heater by dialing 2-1-1, or just drop one off at the Guyon Saunders Resource Center in downtown Amarillo at 200 S. Tyler.