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      $1B NCAA bracket contest is over

      Mercer Bears upset Duke Blue Devils on Friday

      The odds of predicting a perfect March Madness bracket are one in 9.1 quintillion, according to one mathematician.

      Warren Buffett??s $1 billion prize for a perfect NCAA basketball tournament bracket is officially over, according to the Associated Press. It was fun while it lasted all 25 games.

      The upsets started on day one, Thursday, with No. 11 Dayton Flyers win over No. 6 Ohio State.

      And if that didn??t look promising, nearly 98 percent of participants were eliminated Friday after No. 3 Duke Blue Devils lost to No. 14 Mercer Bears.

      The remaining three contestants were eliminated Friday when No. 8 Memphis Tigers beat No. 9 George Washington Colonials

      But participants still have a chance to win some money. Warren Buffett is offering $100,000 for the top 20 brackets.