18th annual Czech sausage dinner

People are waking up across panhandle this Monday with full bellies. The parish at Saint Ann's sausage dinner feed 16-hundred people, and they didn't let anyone go home hungry.

"I don't think i've seen anyone leave here hungry, they're all wobbling out.. they're like weeble people!" said Nora Luna, a volunteer.

And that was the goal at Saint Ann's -- to leave you feeling stuffed.

"We have creamy parsley potatoes.. Czech sausages, we have green beans..." said Jeff Haggard, the Chairperson. And if you think the list stops there, think again. "We have peach cobbler, sour saurkraut, and um poppy seed cake," Haggard continued.

Everyone knows good food brings out a crowd, but it's the people of the church that keeps them coming back.

"We come here for a couple reasons. the first is the fellowship to see everyone not only from canyon, but the surrounding area's come and enjoy a nice dinner.. a nice meal and really the fellowship, that's the most important," said Bryan Crabtree, a parishioner.

That's the same reason Norma Luna's been volunteering.

She's been at the event ever since it started 18 years ago.

But it's not over yet, once she's cleaned up- she'll start recruiting all over again.

"I get my list started, and sometimes they say i have a baby i can't come, and i say the baby will be 9 months old next time.. you'll be here," said Luna.

The goal was to raise about $40,000.

The church will use the money to help pay for the new church that was built in many other service projects in the community.