1308 Rosemont displays a Halloween dreamland

With Halloween just in a few days the holiday attractions are up and running.

If the thrill of scary decorations interests you, we have the perfect house for you to see. Driving past 1308 Rosemont you'll be sure to see some holiday decor, 15 years in the making.

"Over time it just kind of gathered, I'd see something, things on the internet, had some thing in my mind and every year, we just think of something else more to do," said Vincent Martinez Home Owner "I'm very mechanically inclined and I just like to build things, and I like to make things work."

Nearly 50 props make this address stand out among the rest. You will find yourself looking at a graveyard site filled with caskets, skeletons and zombie babies, but that's not all that makes this front yard an interesting attraction

"It's animated, and its set to music, it's animatronics, things move it's not like a haunted house where people dress up in scary outfits and jump out and scare you. Its more entertainment, it entertains you without scaring you too much," said Martinez.

It took a whole month to decorate and make the Halloween spirit come alive and will take nearly 2 weeks to tear down, but Martinez says the community reaction is what make his efforts, worthwhile.

"It brings back the child in me, and I enjoy it and I really enjoy the reaction of the people and as they see it and they like it, and compliment me, that's what I really like

Martinez said the neighborhood is a wonderful place to trick-or-treat and that soon after the holiday the Halloween decorations will come down, but that the community can get ready for a Christmas wonderland to take its place.