$1.2 million in meth seized in I-40 bust

Two residents of Mexico are now behind bars after Troopers uncovered more than $1.2 million of meth in their vehicle.

Cecilio Campos-Arellano

, 34,

and his passenger Vianey Perez-Loya

, 31, both of Tijuana, Mexico, were arrested Saturday evening after Troopers stopped their SUV and found 13,260 grams of methamphetamine inside.

The pair were traveling on Interstate 40 two miles west of Conway when they were stopped, Texas Department of Public Safety said.

Consent to search the vehicle was granted and the meth was found concealed inside of a wooden structure built into a crib and around the drugs, DPS said. The drugs were valued at $1,239,420.00.

Campos-Arellano and Perez-Loya were booked into the Carson County Jail for possession of a controlled substance.