11-year-old from Dalhart Mowing for Moore

11-year-old Dyllon Orthman from Dalhart has been spending his summer vacation mowing lawns. And while business has been good to him, he says heâ??s not keeping a penny of his earnings.

â??A lot of people say my mom is making me, but I actually decided to mow for Moore, Oklahoma,â?? said Dyllon.

Mowing as many lawns as he can, Dyllon has raised over two thousand dollars for victims of Moore, including one Moore family that he adopted to help raise money for repairs for their home. Dyllonâ??s family took him out to Moore to see the devastation first hand and actually meet the family he was going to be helping out.

â??At first, I was actually a little depressed when we went. I almost cried when I had seen the damage,â?? said Dyllon. â??So then I came up with another great idea, to go up a thousand more dollars.â??

Dyllon decided to not just raise money for the family he adopted, but also a local school in Moore.

It was his schoolâ??s fundraiser for the disaster that first sparked his desire to help. From starting off raising twenty dollars to now thousands, it has been a world wind journey for both Dyllon and his family.

â??Itâ??s a very heart felt situation. Itâ??s amazing to watch him go through his journey,â?? said Dyllonâ??s mother, Kristi Orthman. â??What started out as something so small has just erupted into something huge for him.â??

Despite his age, his Kristi says sheâ??s not at all surprised. She says her son has always been the type to want to give back.

â??Dyllonâ??s always been known as the peacemaker. He wants everybody to be happy. He wants to always do for others,â?? said Kristi. â??Heâ??s been that way since he was born.â??

With plans to continue his business even next summer, Dyllonâ??s ready to keep working and helping others as much as he can.

â??I worked in 104 degrees. Yeah that didnâ??t stop me. Iâ??m still going on my feet.â?? said Dyllon. â??My dad always says youâ??re gonna work until the bone Dyllon.â??

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To call and have Dyllon mow your lawn, call Kristi Orthma at (806) 341-0350