$10,000 student built welding trailer stolen in Vega

$10,000 student built welding trailer stolen in Vega

A $10,000 student built welding trailer was stolen Wednesday evening in Vega.

The trailer was built by two Vega high school students.

The trailer was last used by Agrilife Extension Agent Austin Voyles who asked to use the trailer to work on some repairs at the 4-H animal feeding facility for upcoming animal shows. He said he left out of town for the weekend to go to a meeting in San Antonio. When he returned, the trailer was gone.

"I started the repairs and couldn't finish them. When we returned from our state meeting, we saw it missing," Voyles said.

Voyles said he left the trailer last Wednesday by the facility. Neighboring businesses and residents he spoke to said they saw the trailer earlier Wednesday.

According to Vega City Marshall Mike Karber The missing trailer was reporting to Vega Police on Monday. Currently, the Oldham County Police Department is dealing with the case.

Matt Montgomery, one of the students who built the trailer, said he put "tons of work and tons time" into the school project, and hates to see it gone.

"It was very valuable. Me and my buddy put lots of time and lots of hours into it, and we're never going to get it back," Montgomery said.

Voyles said they recieves word about the trailer being spotted in Friona at a local gas station. They have not gotten any other leads.

Oldham Count Judge Don Allred said this "is a tragedy for the community" because it was a symbol of the resident's hard work, and they will do what they can to retrieve the trailer.

""We at this time are anticipating and considering putting a reward together for the information, return, or arrest of the individuals involved," Allred said.

The trailer is bright blue, and has the names of Matt Montgomery and the other student on the trailer.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to call the Oldham County Police Department.