100 Club trying to buy a new truck for Fritch Fire Department

The 100 Club of the Texas Panhandle has decided to â??lend a helping handâ?? to the Fritch Volunteer Fire Department. The non-profit corporation is matching up to ten thousand dollars donated to help replace the fire departmentâ??s outdated brush rig.

â??This goes a long with the goals of the 100 club. We raise funds to assist the families of law enforcement officer and firefighters, who may be killed or training in the line of duty,â?? said Dwain Knight, executive director of the 100 Club of the Texas Panhandle. â??But to make sure that we are always there, not just in tragedy, we also help raise funds to buy equipment for agencies that cannot that equipment with their budgeted finds. That is why the Fritch Fire Department met our qualifications.â??

The Fritch Fire Department is strictly based on volunteers, and the chief of the department, Ronnie Morrison, said that approximately 85% of the funds they have come from volunteer money that they raise themselves or people generously donate. Finding out their department would be the recipient of the help from the 100 club was a huge surprise.

â??We were pleasantly surprised to hear that they were going to help us with it because usually it takes years to raise the money to do these types of things. When somebody jumps in and helps us like the 100 Club, itâ??s a good relief,â?? said Morrison. â??Weâ??ll still continue to try and to raise money through other means, but when you get a donation like that, it sure helps outs.â??

The 1984, two-wheel drive, GMC truck was essentially useless during the recent Fritch fire. Underneath the grass in the area is sand, so when the grass burned the area, the area was basically a sand pit, making it impossible to use the outdated truck.

â??We could have used it in the fire, but thatâ??s not available to us. Itâ??s an older model brush rig, and you canâ??t count on that in a fire like that. You have got to have something you can count on to get people in and out in safety,â?? said Morrison.

To donate, make checks payable to the 100 club of Texas with â??Fritchâ?? in the memo and mail them to P.O. Box 589, 79105 by June 15th.