Solar cars make pit stop in Amarillo

solar cars make a stop at the Discovery Center on their way to Boulder, Co.

U sing the sun to create energy is all the rage, as the nation moves closer to becoming more "green."

High school students from around the U.S. Are doing just that to power solar cars. Thirteen of those solar cars were on display at the Discovery Center Wednesday.

The cars are on their way to Boulder, Colorado from Dallas as part of the Winston School Solar Car Challenge. It was a day of rest for the participants here in Amarillo. They spent the day educating those in attendance about solar energy.

" I ts extremely important they often see and think it's the future energy source of the future, but actually its an energy source of today , " said Keith Reese, solar car sponsor.

Thursday morning, the solar cars will take off, they'll head to Dumas first, and then its onto Guymon.