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      North Korea calls new comedy 'American desperation'

      CNN -- Kim Jong-Un probably won't be laughing at Seth Rogen and James Franco's new comedy 'The Interview'.

      The movie, which opens in October, is about a plot to kill the North Korean leader.

      So....Hollywood has the North Korean leader in its sight...again.

      The Interview features Rogen and Franco as talk show hosts turned would-be assassins may not be in theaters until October, but their new trailer is attracting worldwide attention.

      Kim Myong Chol, known as the unofficial spokesman for North Korea, is telling CNN he thinks the people behind The Interview have a mental illness, adding "This movie shows some type of American desperation from the American government and society."

      Comedians have been taking shots at the leader of North Korea over multiple generations. A decade ago focusing on Kim Jong-Un's father.

      2004's Team America: World Police turned former leader Kim Jong-Il into a literal caricature, making him a lonely puppet.

      NBC's 30 Rock made him a waiter.

      Just by responding, they may even be helping the new film, unwittingly. After all, the first rule of Hollywood: a little controversy can help in the box office.

      Rogen responded to the comments about his film by linking to an article refercing them and tweeting, "Apparently Kim Jong Un plans on watching #TheInterview. I hope he likes it!"