Local treasure hunter profiled on show, Decoded

John London, local Treasure Hunter

There's a new show on the History Channel called, "Decoded", that looks at trying to figure out codes and symbols that could lead to everything from the forecasted end of the world to buried treasure.

One of the first shows dealt with hidden confederate gold and the men trying to find it... and Amarillo has a unique intersection in that show thanks to John London.

On the show, they try to unravel mysteries and decode hidden meanings.

This episode dealt with confederate gold hidden by Jefferson Davis, the leader of the South at the end of the war. He reportedly formed the, KGC, the Knights of the Golden Circle, who were charged with hiding millions of dollars in the event the South would rise again.

Fast forward 146 years and the show Decoded. They asked Amarillo's John London and his partner Bob Brewer of Arkansas, two of the best in the world at decoding the intricate tree carvings and symbols left by the KGC, to try and find the gold.

Helping them decipher the maps formed by these hidden clues, a template left in a trunk that made it's way to Amarillo, after being bought at an estate sale there, Oklahoma, a hotspot of KGC activity.

"I said guys you have a bomb," John told me.

I asked, "What are the odds that a template found in a trunk at an estate sale in Guthrie, Oklahoma can make its way over to Amarillo and get placed in the hands of someone who knows what it's to be used for?"

"I don't know the exact odds," he said, "but they're astronomical!"

John and Bob have traveled all over searching for the treasure, and sometimes at great risk.

I've been back in cemeteries and had guys come up with 4-wheel drives and AK-47's. Had one guy say, there was nothing for us to see here. If they kill you back in there, no one's ever going to find you."

The codes are intricate and sometimes misleading to discourage treasure hunters, but not John, who has no plans to stop looking.

"I search for treasure everyday.." he said.

And occasionally finding clues, breaking codes and unearthing treasure is a pretty good reason to keep going.

He finished with, "And I have no plans to stop."

Good luck, John! Let us know when you hit the Mother Lode!

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