Commissioners vote to terminate Dillas lease

Potter County Commissioners vote to terminate lease

UPDATE 1:00: Commisioners have voted to terminate the lease with Reunion Sports Group and re-bid the stadium.

UPDATE 12:30: The court seconds motion to re-bid for any teams wanting to come here. Motion was seconded and is being discussed.

UPDATE 12:25: Bryant's lawyer presented figures to the court showing that the Dillas season turned no profit. He said that is why there was no money for rent.

UPDATE 12:10: CEO John Bryant has agreed to the terms laid out by Potter County commissioners, including payment to vendors. The court has also asked for a bond as well. Commissioners want a payment bond by November, which would include everything owed for this year to be paid in one month, and a payment bond for the full amount of next year.

UPDATE: 11:55: Scott Barry the owner of a Shreveport baseball team suggested the court dump current management and open bids for new teams. If the county decides to wait until November it would be too late for new teams next year. Barry said the current league is not good.

The court is taking a break while the lawyer representing the group calls John Bryant for conditions. The lawyer said Bryant isn't at the meeting because he is embarrassed.

UPDATE: 11:30: Commissioner Manny Perez defended the Dillas saying this is an upper management problem.

UPDATE 11:25: The lawyer representing John Bryant CEO of the Reunion Sports Group, offered an apology and said the group will pay $75,000 by November 1, and will make two additional rent payments next year by January 2011. And if either payment is missed or late, the contract is immediately null and void.

UPDATE 11:18: The Potter County Commision meeting has been called to order, the topic of discussion the Amarillo Dillas. Commissioner Joe Kirkwood has brought up the desire that the county might want to own the team.

Previously Posted:

Rent is due for the Amarillo Dilla Villa, Reunion Sports Group owes Potter County $100,000. At 11:00 this morning Potter County Commissioners are expected to meet with John Bryant the CEO of Reunion Sports Group, to discuss the lack of payment.

County commissioners set up a payment plan for the sports group to pay the past due rent, in two installments of $25,000 and a final payment of $50,000 was due this Thursday. However, the first two $25,000 checks were returned for insufficient funds. The remaining $50,000 was to be paid this week, as of late Thursday evening that payment had yet to be made. Which brings us to today's meeting. We will have a crew at the meeting, and will continue to update the story as information comes in.

Here's a little background on the situation, in August, the league was behind in its rent for May through July due to some kind of misunderstanding. At that time, Dillas General Manager, Mark Lee, said the county forgot to send a signed lease agreement for use of the Dilla Villa, and in turn the Dillas weren't sure where to sent the rent money. On August 2, during the county commissioners meeting the Dillas told the county they would pay the $75,000 they owed by August 21, that amount would have covered the past due rent. The payment for August was also late making the total of past due rent $100,000.

On September 13, the Potter County Commissioners decided in a 3 to 1 vote to give the league until the end of September to pay the amount owed, or else it would void its lease, and bidding for the Dilla Villa would be open.