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      Canyon works together as a community to save a local icon

      If you??re recently driven by Tex Randall, an icon that welcomes motorists to the town of Canyon, you??ve probably noticed that he??s long overdue for a makeover.

      Tex Randall is a character that is larger than life, standing at 47 feet tall. He was built in 1959 by an enterprising local to attract business, but he??s declined in recent years because hasn??t had a makeover since the late 1980??s. Danny Byrd, the owner of Feldman??s diner decided to purchase him, but plans to move him didn??t pan out.

      ??I ended up purchasing him from the fellow that owned him,?? said Danny Byrd. ??After time and money spent, we decided that we couldn??t move him, because we could destroy him, so I really didn??t know what I was going to do with him.?? ??So we ended up giving him to Canyon Main Street and they??ve taken over the project to try to refurbish him and make it a green space.??

      Canyon Main Street has been raising funds to fix the large fellow for years. Recently they were given a grant by the state to tackle saving Tex from eventual destruction.

      ??Six months ago we received a Texas Department of Transportation enhancement grant from the state in the value of 275,000 and so we??re very excited about that and now the state is helping us,?? said Honnah Taylor of Main Street Canyon.?? The funds can??t restore Tex himself, but it can help restore the site??s redevelopment.??

      Main Street Canyon plans on using this grant to turn the site around Tex Randall into what they call an unmanned visitor??s center. Planned fund raisers coming up in the near future will help raise the missing funds that are needed to complete the project.

      ??Having those funds is going to be able to move that project forward,?? said Mr. Shuman of Edward Jones Investments, who has been active in saving Tex Randall for several years. ??We want to have all of that put together and finished by this fall, so that we can sign the Tx-DOT agreement and the bids will go out, and the development of that site will happen.??

      The consensus here in our town Canyon is that the community can work together to save this icon, Tex Randall and restore him to his former glory.