A little Sesame Street history

Sesame Street is celebrating its 40th year. And while we may all watch it on KACV now, that's not how its always been. In November of 1969 there was no cable in Amarillo. The network affiliates were all that was available at that time. So, Pronews 7 started running Sesame Street. KVII carried one of the first Sesame Street episodes on tape. The station carried the show into the mid 70's when the cable system started in Amarillo. That cable system carried Dallas' PBS station and they took over the broadcasting. Then in 1988 KACV was born, and that station began carrying the show. Which is how we enjoy it today.

Today, KACV held a birthday party for the popular show. Cookie Monster and Elmo were in attendance to greet guests and take part in the festivities.

The 40th season debuted today with all the favorites. The show also unveiled a new show open, new nature curriculum, and First Lady Michelle Obama, who will teach "the street's" residents about the many benefits of planting a garden and healthy eating as part of the on going "Healthy Habits for Life" initiative.