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      Statewide smoking ban in Texas, has failed

      The statewide smoking ban proposed for Texas, has failed. Senator Rodney Ellis (D) Houston announced that he did not have enough votes to get the bill to the Senate floor. We spoke to local Senator Kel Seliger to get his take on the bill, and why it failed.

      The bill would have banned all smoking in public places like restaurants, bars, ballparks, etc., in the state of Texas.

      We caught up with Senator Kel Seliger to get his take on the bill, and why it failed.

      I mentioned that the bill did not have enough votes, and this is what Seliger told us in regards to the process.

      "Any bill to come to the floor of the Senate has to have 21 votes, until it gets that it doesn't come up," said Seliger.

      As far as, why Seliger believes the bill had problems and what he did not like about the bill.

      "One of the things that is inescapable about it, is it is the biggest of the big government bills, on decisions that can be made by individuals, employers, and companies on their own," said Seliger.

      "So many of the cities in Texas have passed those ordinances for themselves even in the cities I represent in the 31st district," said Seliger.

      Amarillo has had two elections with smoking ordinances on the ballot, both have failed with narrow margins of victory.