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      Statewide Election coverage

      A look at statewide election news

      Texas officials advise on bad weather voting

      AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The Texas Secretary of State is advising county election officials to extend polling hours and combine voting locations in case of bad weather.

      The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Advisory for much of the state Tuesday morning. Some schools are planning to open late.

      The secretary of state is the top election official and sent a memo to county election official on how to deal with potential difficulties. Each county will make its own decisions.

      Travis County was the first county to announce polling delayed until 11 a.m.

      County officials can decide to open the polls late, but state officials suggest they extend voting past 7 p.m. if they do.

      Dewhurst under attack in lieutenant governor race

      AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - After 11 years in one of the most powerful offices in Texas state government, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst faces the election of his career as he runs against three Republican challengers.

      His opponents in Tuesday's primary all argue Dewhurst isn't conservative enough.

      Houston Sen. Dan Patrick says he's a Christian first and a conservative second. State Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says the party needs to be more than the party of "no." And state Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples has made border security his hallmark issue.

      The searing nature of the campaign has seen the candidates turn on one another. Each has risen through Texas politics in an era of Republican domination.

      Runoffs likely in many top statewide GOP races

      AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - One of the biggest turnovers in Texas government history has begun, with another George Bush on the ballot and entertainer Kinky Friedman doing his sometimes-politician thing again.

      Six of Texas' top offices lack an incumbent for Tuesday's election.

      Democrats are running mostly unopposed in their primaries. But the Republican races are crowded for attorney general, comptroller and commissioners for agriculture and railroads. That means runoff elections are likely.

      Any race where a candidate doesn't win a majority will send the top two vote-getters to a runoff on May 27.

      But a GOP race that isn't in doubt is for land commissioner. George P. Bush, the nephew of former President Gov. George W. Bush, is expected to easily win the nomination. Friedman is running as a Democrat for the same post.

      Cornyn looks safe in US Senate race in Texas

      AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - What could have been a close, tea party-fueled primary in Texas now looks like a cakewalk for U.S. Sen. John Cornyn.

      That's because his chief Republican challenger in the Tuesday primary, U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, has run a campaign so disastrous that top grassroots activists have disavowed him.

      Stockman is famous for outlandish comments supporting gun rights and impeaching President Barack Obama.

      He filed to run for Senate just three months before the primary. He began his campaign in debt and dogged by accusations of ethics violations, only to see things get worse.

      Last week, leading conservatives suggested in an open letter that Stockman ran "the laziest statewide campaign to date."

      Meanwhile, five Democrats are trying to unseat Cornyn. But no Democrat has won statewide office in Texas since 1994.

      Some Republicans in Congress face challengers

      AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Primary elections are underway for all of the Texas seats in the U.S. Congress, but most are safe for the incumbents.

      Only one out of 36 seats is open, with U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman running the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate on Tuesday.

      Two North Texas Republicans, U.S. Reps. Pete Sessions and Ralph Hall, face serious tea party challengers. Incumbent congressional Democrats Marc Veasey and Eddie Bernice Johnson face challengers in their primary races in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

      In Congressional District 36, 12 Republicans are in the race to replace Stockman. Few have any name recognition, and the race will almost certainly go to a runoff on May 27. That seat is considered safe for Republicans, so whoever wins will likely go to Congress.

      GOP runoff all-but certain for Stockman's seat

      AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The 12-Republican race to replace U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman is all but a lock for a runoff.

      No one in the comically crowded field is expected to win a majority of Tuesday's vote. The top-two finishers will meet in a May 27 runoff.

      Stockman is a congressional renegade and former homeless man known for inflammatory gun-rights comments and calls to impeach President Barack Obama.

      Stockman originally filed for re-election in his suburban Houston district. But he changed his mind Dec. 9 and instead challenged U.S. Sen. John Cornyn in the Republican primary.

      Those vying to replace him included two mayors and a former mayor, an insurance agent and a mortgage banker.

      The runoff winner faces Democrat Michael Cole, a 2012 Libertarian congressional candidate who sought his new party's nomination unopposed.

      Wintry weather forecast prompts delays

      AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Central Texas will take a few extra hours to start its day because of a wintry weather forecast.

      The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning, effective through noon Tuesday, for a strip extending from the Texas Hill Country through metro Austin to metro Houston. A winter weather advisory has been issued for a patch surrounding the warning strip for the same period.

      The Texas secretary of state's office has given counties receiving wintry weather the choice of opening polling places later than the customary 7 a.m. and extending closing times beyond 7 p.m. to compensate.

      By Monday night, only Travis County had delayed opening polling places until 11 a.m. Classes at the University of Texas at Austin and numerous Central Texas school districts also were delayed.

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