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      Senator who allegedly caused pregnant mom's death still not headed to Grand Jury

      Colo. State Senator Suzanne Williams

      UPDATE: Pronews 7 did receive a reply Monday evening from our Texas DPS contact, Trooper Gabriel Medrano.

      We asked him whether it was unusual for an investigation to take as long as this one has.

      Medrano replied, "I have not heard anything new. Every case is different and the time lines vary. This particular case was slowed down due to the winter weather we had. Also, the case has to be reviewed by Austin, and they review cases from across the state. So it does vary."

      Pronews 7 will continue to follow the story, and we'll keep you updated whenever we find out new information.

      Oringally Posted: The case where a Colorado State Senator allegedly caused a pregnant woman to lose her life will not be heard in the upcoming Grand Jury, sources confirmed to Pronews 7.

      It's the tragic story of a car accident that took the life of Brianna Gomez who was seven months pregnant. Her pre-mature baby, Curren, remained in critical condition but has since been allowed to come home.

      An SUV, driven by Colorado State Senator Suzanne Williams, allegedly veered into oncoming traffic in Dec. 2010 near Channing, authorities said. Her SUV then collided head-on with a vehicle carrying 30-year-old Gomez and her family.

      Gomez was killed and her son, Curren, was delivered by cesarean section.

      It was back in February when we first reported that District Attorney David Green said he anticipated the case to be presented in April. It is believed that Williams could face criminal charges relating to the accident.

      Pronews 7 has now learned that the case will not be heard in the upcoming Hartley County Grand Jury. The Hartley County District Attorney's Office says it has yet to receive the case.

      We contacted DPS to check on the status of the case but have not heard back from them.

      This case originally brought the senator under fire because of the fact that passengers of her vehicle were not wearing seat belts.

      Inside Williams' vehicle, three passengers, including two children and her adult son, were not wearing seat belts. According to a preliminary crash report, the senator picked up her three-year-old grandson from the road after he was ejected and put him in a child safety eat in her car.

      Williams, herself, has pushed for tough child restraint laws.

      The name Curren means 'champion' and according to the family's website, it's exactly what they are praying for him. They are praying for him to be a champion over any complications and a champion for his family.

      Many Panhandle residents have come together to support the family and baby Curren, including a baby shower just last month.

      If you want to help, a fund has been set up at Happy State Bank, 3423 Soncy Rd in Amarillo in the name of Curren Blaec and Eric Gomez family. Donations can be made there for the family and baby Curren.