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      Say What: Grading Our Elected Officials

      According to national polls, 2013 was not a banner year for elected officials.

      'They haven't done a good job for us in a few years now," Tommy Armstrong said. "We keep electing these folks who don't want to work together."

      Armstrong, of Amarillo, seemed to voice the sentiment of most from the Panhandle I spoke to recently. Lori Vinson agreed with Armstrong.

      "I can't believe what they do in Congress," Vinson said. "Actually, the problem is they don't do much at all."

      In this week's installment of Say What!, I asked Pronews 7 viewers to give a letter grade to our elected officials, based on their job performances for 2013. From President Obama, to Texas Governor Rick Perry, to all of Congress, local viewers had no problems voicing their opinions. However, almost all interviewed focused their attention on President Obama.

      "I give President Obama a C," said Eddie Pickens. "I'm not sure if Obama Care is the right idea or is going to work for our country."

      "Congress keeps giving our money away," said Vinson. "We have to stop giving handouts to people who just don't want to work."

      Say What! is a weekly conversation with viewers covering local, state, and national topics and current events.