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      Race for Dalhart Mayor heats up

      Three candidates are vying for the Mayorâ??s office in Dalhart.

      Current Mayor Kevin Caddell decided not to run for re-election. That opened the door for others.

      Caddell says, "Itâ??s always an interesting race when three are involved.

      Observers say thereâ??s been a lot of mudslinging in this contentious race. They say itâ??s been an ugly election. They say thatâ??s why early voting turnout has been so high, double, in fact over last election.

      Gene Rawl is a businessman and former mayor. He says he promotes business and resources. "Like everybody else, we need to worry about water. Weâ??ve got adequate water but we need to be ahead of the game."

      Kurtis Thomas owns G&G Construction. Heâ??s currently a councilmember. "It doesnâ??t matter where I go. People say one or two things about Dalhart. They say Iâ??ve been through there. Or they say that little town is booming. And we are on the verge of doing some amazing things up here."

      Tammi Kate Ledford is a reporter for the Dalhart Texan. "If Dalhartâ??s residents are happy with the past, Gene Rawlâ??s their guy. If theyâ??re happy with what theyâ??ve got right now, itâ??s obvious Kurtis Thomas is their man.ã?? If they want change, if they want progress, if they want future, a fresh outlook, Iâ??m their girl.

      Polls will be open this Saturday from seven to seven.