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      Potter County Judge candidates answer critics

      While the two Republican candidates for Potter County Judge are similar, there are definitely differences.

      Supporters of both are criticizing the other.

      Nancy Tanner says the fact Debra McCartt is married to a local developer, Joe Bob McCartt, there could be a potential conflict of interest. "If someone from Toot??n Totum or Prana comes in to get a tax abatement, is she not going to vote on that? Ever?"

      McCartt says "I know when it??s time to step back or abstain or anything that might appear to be a conflict of interest for me."

      Tanner??s critics say she??s a Democrat in Republican clothing.

      Tanner says, "I??m a Republican, but I am for the underdog."

      McCartt heralds her experience as Mayor and working with a budget,"The economic health of this county means people need to step up. I??m ready to step up."

      Tanner says, "If I win, that??s great. If I lose, the county??s going to get a cheerleader instead of a leader."